Banners for Dakhota Homeland

(working title)

City of Bloomington Department of Creative Placemaking
Erin Genia and Sheila Novak

project statement to come

Octoer update: 

I had the honor of installing a new piece of public artwork, made in collaboration with Erin Genia on Dakota homeland st Mnísota Wakpá and the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. Our fingertips and toes numbed in sub freezing temps with ripping winds on install day, but it was worth it! These banners honor the land, its history, and its people through the inclusion of native plants, pollinators, regalia and the morning star, offering ecological healing alongside cultural restoration. 

This public art project is part of a new public garden design I have been collaborating with Landbridge Ecological, aune fernandez landscape architects to produce which will open spring 2024. This project is funded by the City of Bloomington’s Creative Placemaking program.

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