As part of the 2020 Farm/Art DTour, artists Emilie Bouvier, Crysten Nesseth and Sheila Novak are created, “FLUVIAL” A stream of blue banners weaves along Honey Creek. Utilizing cyanotypes (prints made by the sun), the banners layer stories from local voices with marks from rural and agricultural remnants. Viewers will be able wander through the stories, experiencing

In order to tell this story, we are collected stories of folks with roots in the region, exploring the agricultural, personal and spiritual histories of the land, weaving together water, story and imprint on a tour of 140 banners.  Displayed along Honey Creek from September 20 - October 10, 2020. Viewers waded through the stories, recieving snippets of the memories of and hopes for this land.


The Fluvial Catalogue documents each of the 140 banners, sharing the stories and images of each piece of artwork. For those interested in acquiring a banner, please visit the shop for various purchasing options.

Emilie Bouvier, Crysten Nesseth and Sheila Novak bring a diverse set of experiences and skills working in the public realm. As three visual artists from the midwest, our studio practices collectively explore meaningful relationships to landscape and are grounded in participatory artmaking.