artist rendering

Celebrating its eighth year, the 2020 Farm/Art DTour presented by the Wormfarm Institute moves to southern Sauk County. The Farm/Art DTour is a free, self-guided, 50+ mile (agri)cultural excursion through the scenic working farmlands of rural Sauk County, highlighting the unique beauty and diverse cultures of the Driftless Region. Punctuated by large-scale artworks, local food markets, roadside poetry, and educational Field Notes, the 2020 DTour offers festivity and fresh air for all ages with social distancing built in.

As part of the 2020 Farm/Art DTour, artists Emilie Bouvier, Crysten Nesseth and Sheila Novak are creating an artwork, “FLUVIAL” which seeks to share the story of the driftless region, through highlighting relationships with the land and with each other.

In order to tell this story, we are collecting stories of folks with roots in the region. We hope to collect stories and reflections that can be shared and utilized to bring meaning to our artwork, “FLUVIAL”. Select responses will be incorporated into blue cyanotype banners (the process is like Sun Prints) layered with marks from rural and agricultural remnants.  These banners will weave along Honey Creek from September 20 - October 10, 2020. Viewers will be able wander through the stories, experiencing the human and natural forces that have carved meaning into the land.

We have included story forms with a pre-addressed stamped envelope for you to fill out. If you want to share this story-telling opportunity with others, we also are accepting submissions online at http://tiny.cc/FLUVIAL

Emilie Bouvier, Crysten Nesseth and Sheila Novak bring a diverse set of experiences and skills working in the public realm. As three visual artists from the midwest, our studio practices collectively explore meaningful relationships to landscape and are grounded in participatory artmaking.