FLUVIAL Garden Flag IV

optional: add a garden flag stake

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dims / medium

dyed cyanotype sun print
double sided original artwork with white backing sheet added
100% cotton rip-stop
garden banners are approx 13”x19”

garden flag stand
as pictured, a thickened steel flag pole with a black powder coated finish. Simple to assemble and install, the flag stand will support flags up to 12.5” wide.


handmade by women artists

︎︎︎ the cyanotype’s blue color may fade and patina over time, especailly when exposed to the elements.
︎︎︎ thanks for supporting a small buisness! As a small one woman shop, all sales are final.


This product is a truly one-of-a kind art object, handmade with fabric banners from a public artwork, "FLUIVAL".  As part of the 2020 Farm/Art DTour, artists Emilie Bouvier, Crysten Nesseth and Sheila Novak created, “FLUVIAL,” a stream of blue banners weaving along Honey Creek in the Driftless Region of Southwest Wisconsin. Each banner is a handmade artwork, and completely unique. As the public artwork has been taken down, the artists have created art objects for daily life, allowing the meaning and texture of the artwork to live on.

Each product is carefully made by examining the fabric for the best use, and in cutting down the original banners accordingly. From throw pillows to smaller banners more appropriate for interior spaces, the products are unique works of art, just as the original banners are. No two are the same, and as art objects the products are created as a limited edition, ensuring the unique relationship to the original artwork.

Looking at the white imprints on the blue cloth, you may see grasses, flowers, handwriting, or other forms created by the shadow of objects from farm life. You may witness a moment of time and land, captured on fabric. And as part of your life and home, you may consider the land, and the water, and how these resources hold deep meaning, and how we can capture and share that story.

Thank you for being here.
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