Practice Areas

Public, Site Specific, Social and Community Based

My social and public practice seek to cultivate connection and storytelling in the pursuit of cultural and spacial justice. My public and social practice is rooted in the belief that personal stories and actions have profound implications on larger societal levels. In my work I explore vulnerablity and joy,  informed by the internal landscapes of grief resulting from the loss of her mother to cancer. My social practice work is informed by this process, creating spaces of connected healing and public grief by blurring the boundaries between public and private life.

Studio Practice

My practice spans many media from sculpture and photography to social practice and public art, and engages in various methodologies, from administration and activism to creation and exhibition. My studio practice and public and social practices are parallel, as I explore media and concepts in a studio setting with the vision and hope of bringing the ideas and methodologies into the public and social realm. For each idea, I consider the medium I use for it’s conceptual and aesthetic values.

Public Art Project Management & Consulting

I entered the realm of public art and public art administration grounded in the belief that the public realm is uniquely situated to support social change, and that art in the public realm has the potential to develop equity and spatial justice due to its capacity to hold complex ideas, such as celebrating history and community culture while also acknowledging oppression. I am grounded in my belief that creative work in the public realm can uniquely create empathy, belonging, and hold our space for our complex histories.

My vision centers on a commitment to cultural equity actualized through the creation of creative works in the public realm as a central methodology in the work of cultural equity, spatial, and social justice.

I am committed to producing public art that strengthens communities and prioritizes equity. At the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy, I manage the creation and installation of new, temporary public artwork for this unique urban park.  Prior to working for The Greenway, I worked on placemaking and public art projects in Minneapolis, Minnesota, including Northern Spark, Art Shanty Projects and the John Biggers Seed Project. I was a Creative Community Fellow with National Art Strategies in 2018.