for new growth

Score drawing: 8x10”, ink on paper
seeds, soil, water, sun, 13 days labor, reflection, breath
Performance product by Juliette Walker

Activated by performance, "A Score for New Growth" materially and conceptually connects the growth of seeds and self. After a year of garden-focused research through “CoVictory Gardens,” I developed “A Score for New Growth” to explore how gardeners often find meaning beyond nourishment and beauty in gardens. In this score, a performer waters seeds daily for thirteen days while asking the sprouting seeds a question about new growth. Following the trajectory of germination, sprouting, growth and rooting, the questions move from darkness towards light, from individual towards collective. This project developed further in 2022 into “Ritual for New Growth.”

Juliette Walker performed this documented iteration of “A Score for New Growth” for The Cake Stand, an alternative and transportable gallery, in spring 2021.

Thank you for being here.
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