abundance among us

“abundance among us” opens space for intergenerational gatherings in Mary Soo Hoo Park, a park in Boston’s Chinatown named after the grassroots organizer and extrordionary community advocate, Mary Soo Hoo. Created in collaboration, Cass, a Chinatown resident, and mother, and Sheila, a Boston artist, sought to design a space to welcome folks of all ages by creating functional art that specifically considers the needs of youth and families.

Cass shared “The dragon is an auspicious animal from Chinese mythology, holding the most supreme status in Chinese people's minds and also representing the power of coming together. Through this Chinese dragon artwork, I hope to rerepresent a happy scene of Chinatown united in solidarity, harmonious families, and to co-exist with other ethnic groups.”

As folks gather around a long, meandering table, a golden dragon evokes the strength of the group. With children and elders joined together, the work emphasizes how important all community members are to that strength, regardless of their age. Drawing sessions at the table invite community members to illustrate their ideas of abundance, which are then put on display for everyone to see. When gathered together to share a meal, have a conversation, draw or play, the power of the community is on display.