acknowledgement :: response

2017-2019, daily drawing practice,
all images were shared online: @acknowledgement :: response

the following project statement was included with a letter to participants

acknowledgement::response is a small, daily art project I embarked on in November, as I sought to rebuild a consistent and daily practice of artmaking. The act of artmaking is a habit. And it is a habit I fell out of when I dealt with the trauma of illness and death, witnessing my mother pass from this world. I lost a hugely grounding part of my life in my mother’s sudden absence, but I also lost hold of the grounding practice of creative expression.

acknowledgement::response is a daily endeavour. For 90 days I will respond to my life, acknowledging small daily beauties. I will respond to my pain, acknowledging my need for healing and the healing capacity of artmaking. I will respond daily, acknowledging the value of process and the fact that every day we do not make our best work, but if we make no work there will never be a best. I will respond to the new city I now live in, acknowledging both the excitement and anxiety of starting anew. I will respond to the isolation of moving, acknowledging my distance from many through the art of letter writing.

Finally, I will respond with gratitude for my life and acknowledge those who have supported me along the way. Because this project is, in a large way, also about you. As a dear friend, beloved family member, fellow artist, former teacher, general supporter, or all of the above, you have enabled and encouraged my life as an artist and have supported me as an individual. Without you I would not have the skills, courage or capacity to work as an artist. Artmaking can feel like a solitary enterprise, but I increasingly understand artmaking to be an act of community.

The project also cannot be completed without you. I now ask you to acknowledge this letter and the drawing it encloses, and respond by photographing your drawing somewhere in your life. Perhaps where you are, right now, as you read this. Or set it on top of your mail pile, in your car, or where you keep your keys. Select a spot you interact with on a daily basis, even if only for a second. Respond to the piece, and acknowledge the small beauties in the daily facets of your life.

Thank you for being here.