Public, Site Specific, Social and Community Based

My social and public practice seek to cultivate connection and storytelling in the pursuit of cultural and spacial justice.

My current project, “CoVictory Gardens'', works to build social solidarity during COIVD-19, drawing upon (in/out)door gardening as a way to share the challenges presented in this current moment and our capcity for collective care. As the focus of my residency at the Urbano Project, this project also worked to highlight and share the work of achieving social justice through the work of gardening in community.

Additionally, in 2020 I created a large, land-based project examining the intersection of indigenous, colonial and ecological histoires through the creation of large cyanotype banners in a piece called “FLUVIAL”.

My public and social practice is rooted in the belief that personal stories and actions have profound implications on larger societal levels. In my work I explore vulnerablity and joy,  informed by the internal landscapes of grief resulting from the loss of her mother to cancer. My social practice work is informed by this process, creating spaces of connected healing and public grief by blurring the boundaries between public and private life.

            CoVictory Gardens

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rochester, mn


Cedar and Steel

she seeks


Cedar and Steel

Words to Break Free
Breaking Free


Commissioned by Breaking Free,
a social service organization in Minneapolis which  forefronts a movement of freedom for victims of sex-trafficking, releasing them from a life of bondage and oppression  into one of safety, restoration and the ability to fly with wings of  dignity, truth and strength.

Each feather carries a word of hope and comfort for victims of sex-trafficking.

Hanging Hearts of Hope
Hennepin County Medical Center

ink and acrylic on duralar
Dimensions  variable

Commissioned by Hennepin County Medical Center as part of an Artist Residency

This project was created by cancer patients and their families with messages of hope for healing written on the hearts. These hearts were hung in the hallway patients would pass through from the waiting room to the infusion and radiation rooms

Art Shanty Projects

wood and heavy cotton fabric