Public Art Archieve

The archieve features some of my early explorations in outdoor, public and social creative practice.



Rochester, MN, 2017
cedar and steel

she seeks

bemidji, MN, 2016
cedar and steel

Words to Break Free
Breaking Free, 2014
steel, 18”x18”x36”

Commissioned by Breaking Free,
a social service organization in Minneapolis which  forefronts a movement of freedom for victims of sex-trafficking, releasing them from a life of bondage and oppression  into one of safety, restoration and the ability to fly with wings of  dignity, truth and strength.

Each feather carries a word of hope and comfort for victims of sex-trafficking.

Hanging Hearts of HopeHennepin County Medical Center, 2016 
ink and acrylic on duralar, 24’ x 8’ x16”

This project was created by cancer patients and their families with messages of hope for healing written on the hearts. These hearts were hung in the hallway patients would pass through from the waiting room to the infusion and radiation rooms

Commissioned by Hennepin County Medical Center as part of my Artist Residency

Art Shanty Projects

wood and heavy cotton fabric

Thank you for being here.