among us

Mary Soo Hoo Park, ResLab, 2021
20'x9'x3, pine, steel, stain, paint

"abundance among us" openeds space for intergenerational gatherings in Boston's Chinatown. Co-designed with Chinatown resident, Cass, this functional artwork considers the needs of youth and families through a tiered table that scales down to a child-sized table. Children and elders all have a seat at the same table, illustrating the abundance in community and emphasizing how individuals contribute to community power, regardless of their age. As folks gather, a golden dragon spans the entire table, evoking the group's strength.

Drawing sessions at the table invited community members to illustrate their ideas of abundance while activating the artwork. When gathered together to share a meal, have a conversation, draw or play, the power of the community is galvinized. 

Thank you for being here.